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The World Association for Positive Psychotherapy (WAPP) is the international umbrella organization of Positive Psychotherapy. It consists of national associations, national and regional training institutes, centers, representative offices and individual members. In January 2008, it was decided to re-name the existing International Center of Positive Psychotherapy (ICPP) into the World Association for Positive Psychotherapy.  


Main activities and achievements of WAPP:

  • More than 30 years of postgraduate psychotherapeutic training of medical doctors, psychologists, social workers and social pedagogues 

  • Affiliated institutes, such as the triple state-licensed postgraduate institute with licensed polyclinic (Wiesbaden Academy for Psychotherapy) – one of the TOP 10 Training Institutes in Germany (out of 178) (Licensed by the State Medical Chamber of Hesse and by the Ministry of Social Affairs of Hesse/Germany 

  • More than 50 professors, trainers and teachers in Germany besides the international trainer team of Positive Psychotherapy  

  • About 30 local, regional and international centers and representative offices worldwide 

  • Organizer of Basic and Master Courses at university level 

  • Member of the European Association of Psychotherapy (EAP), which has accepted the European Federation of Centers for Positive Psychotherapy (EFCPP) as a European Wide Accrediting Organization (EWAO). It has a seat on the EAP's Governing Board. Positive Psychotherapy is an accredited modality for the European Certificate of Psychotherapy.  

  • Member of the World Council of Psychotherapy (WCP). Positive Psychotherapy is an accredited modality for the World Certificate of Psychotherapy.  

  • Member of the International Federation for Psychotherapy (IFP). 

  • The European Federation of the Centers of Positive Psychotherapy consists of national and local centers and institutes practicing and teaching Positive Psychotherapy all over Europe.



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World of Positive Psychotherapy