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Positive Psychotherapy: Effectiveness of an Interdisciplinary Approach

Karin Tritt et al.

The European Journal of Psychiatry

Vol 13, No. 4, Oct/Dec 1999 (231-241)

Literary Concepts in Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics: Who is your favourite author?

Prof. Dr. Nossrat Peseschkian

IFP Newsletter


Three Pillars of Positive Psychotherapy: About Depression in Different CulturesProf. Dr. Nossrat PeseschkianInternational Journal of Psychotherapy2009/07
Psychosomatic in Orient and Occident: The "Healing" of the CaliphProf. Dr. Nossrat PeseschkianIFP Newsletter2008/12
Positive Psychotherapy´s Theory of the Capacity to Know as Explication of Unconscious ContentsDr. Theo Cope Journal of Religion and Health 2008/11
Positive Psychotherapy in the Age of Globalization and Radicalization: The practice of the five stages in coping with crisis and conflicts

Prof. Dr. Nossrat Peseschkian

World Journal of Psychotherapy2008
The Effect of Supervision in Positive Psychotherapy TrainingDr. Ivan Kirillov

International Journal of Psychotherapy

Vol 9 Num 2 Pp 42-50

Investigating of the Relationships Between Adults' Subjective Well-being and Primary-Secondary Capabilities with Respect to Positive Psychotherapy

Dr. Ali EryilmazKlinik Psikiyatri 2011, 14
p 17-28