Welcome to the World of Positive Psychotherapy

The development of Positive Psychotherapy

  1. Positive Psychotherapy was founded in 1968 by Dr. Nossrat Peseschkian.
  2. The method of Positive Psychotherapy is based on a transcultural approach. The work involves the investigations in 22 different cultural groups.
  3. Postgraduate and continuing education since 1971 and annually there after seminars and courses at the Academy for Continuing Medical Education at the Medical Association of Hesse, Germany. From 1974 – 2006 about 38.000 physicians, psychologists and pedagogues have been trained.
  4. Lectures, seminars, workshops and courses conducted in the framework of a postgraduate program continuing educations and congresses were held in 76 countries and territories around the globe.
  5. Establishment of a global network of about 30 local, regional and national centers and representative offices of Positive Psychotherapy in 23 countries to date and International Center for Positive Psychotherapy (ICPP).
  6. Publication of 26 books, which are partly translated into 24 different languages. Approximately 260 articles have been published in scientific magazines. Other books on Positive Psychotherapy have been written by colleagues.
  7. Quality Assurance and Effectiveness Study of Positive Psychotherapy including 450 patients, 37 therapists, over a period of 5 years.
  8. German Association for Positive Psychotherapy established in 1978. Publications of the Journal for Positive Psychotherapy.
  9. Establishment of Wiesbaden Academy for Psychotherapy (WIAP)
  10. International memberships
    • World Council of Psychotherapy (WCP)
    • European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP)
    • European Wide Accrediting Organization (EWAO) – European Certificate for Psychotherapy
    • American Psychiatric Association
    • International Federation of Psychotherapy (IFP)
  11. Special program for supplementary courses for psychologists (Germany)
  12. Annual International Training for Trainers of Positive Psychotherapy – the 14th in Germany in 2013.
  13. Four World Congresses for Positive Psychotherapy
  14. International Library with over 4.500 books
  15. International Archives of Positive Psychotherapy
  16. Establishment of International Academy for Positive Psychotherapy (IAPP) – Prof. Peseschkian Foundation in 2005
  17. Different awards and honors for Nossrat Peseschkian:
    • In 1997 Richard-Merten-Prize for "œComputer Assisted Quality Assurance in the Positive Psychotherapy", one of the highest rewards.
    • In 1998 Federal Medical Chamber of Germany awarded Prof. Dr. Peseschkian the Ernst-von-Bergmann-Plaque for continuing education of medical doctors.
    • Bundesverdienstkreuz am Bande (Order of Merit, Distinguished Service Cross of the Federal Republic of Germany, 2006). This Order is the highest recognition of the Federal Republic of Germany for those citizens who have acquired distinguished services and achievements in social-economical, political and spiritual fields as well as their particular services for the Republic, for example social charity and humanitarian helps.
    • Avicenna-Prize from Association of Iranian Physicians and Dentists in Germany (2006)
    • Avicenna-Prize in June 2006, awarded by Association of Iranian Physicians and Dentists in Germany.Encyclopaedia Iranica, a branch of Columbia University, New York, U.S.A., awarded Prof. Dr. Peseschkian in November 2006 at the Gala in Geneva, Switzerland.