Welcome to the World of Positive Psychotherapy

The World Association of Positive Psychotherapy organized a lot of national and international trainings, seminars and events.

International Gatherings of Positive Psychotherapy (1997 until today)


1997    St. Petersburg, Russia              1st World Conference of Positive Psychotherapy

            Moscow, Russia                         pre-conference

2000    Wiesbaden, Germany               2nd World Conference and 1st International Training Seminar

                                                              B├╝dingen, Germany

2001    Wiesbaden, Germany               2nd International Training Seminar

2002    Vienna, Austria                         3rd International Training Seminar

2003    Varna, Bulgaria                         3rd World Conference and 4th International Training Seminar

2004    Odessa, Ukraine                       5th International Training Seminar

2005    Felix Spa, Romania                   6th International Training Seminar

2006    Wiesbaden, Germany                7th International Training Seminar                    

2007    Famagusta, Cyprus                   4th World Conference and 8th International Training Seminar

2008    Wiesbaden, Germany                9th International Training Seminar

2009    Riga, Latvia                                10th International Training Seminar

2010    Istanbul, Turkey                        5th World Conference and 11th International Training Seminar

2011    Dreieich, Germany                     12th International Training Seminar

2012    Prishtina, Kosova                       1st International Regional Conference

            Wiesbaden, Germany                 13th International Trainer Seminar

2013    Struga, Macedonia                      2nd International Regional Conference

            Wiesbaden, Germany                 14th International Trainer Seminar

2014    Kemer/Antalya, Turkey             6th World Conference and 15th International Trainer Seminar

2015    Wiesbaden, Germany               16th International Trainer Seminar