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Life of Prof. Nossrat Peseschkian

With reference to Professor Nossrat Peseschkian's sixth day of death on 27th April 2016, the Peseschkian Foundation has published a presentation of his life and work.


Please click here for the presentation.



9th Romanian Summer School

The 9th edition of the Positive Psychotherapy Summer School in Romania will take place in


Pianu de Jos, Alba, Romania

with the motto "Eros and magic in sexuality"

27 June - 2 July 2016


Please find more information and registration options in the official announcement.



First Mobile Application based on Positive Psychotherapy

Dr. Maxim Goncharov has created and published a mobile application on Apple Sore called “POSITUM - life balance”.



It is designed to measure people's life balance and to receive explanations and recommendations. The users are also invited to take part in a global scientific research just by one click.


The App is available for iPhone and Android.

Please click here for the iPhone version.

Please click here for the Android version.


It is available in English and Russian language. Please contact us or Dr. Goncharov directly, if you would like to help translate it to other languages.



Panel presentation of Positive Psychotherapy in Turkey

Panel presentation in the "13. National Turkish Psychological Counseling and Guidance Congress" on PPT.

The title of the panel: "Application of Positive Psychotherapy in Psychological Counseling and Guidance Field". It was well received by the audience and found much interest.


The speakers were (from left to right):


Assistant Prof. Dr. Yıldız Ulusoy, Assistant Prof. Dr. Gülsen Varlıklı, Prof. Dr. Oya Ersever, Assistant Prof. Dr. Tuğba Sarı, Associated Prof. Dr. Ali Eryılmaz


16th International Trainer Seminar (ITS)

The 16th International Trainer Seminar (ITS) 2015 took place 19-22 August 2015 in Wiesbaden, Germany, in the WIAP Academy.

60 Positive Psychotherapy trainers from 20 different countries participated in this special event. Divided into three groups, our trainers refreshed their knowledge and teaching skills of theory, self-discovery and supervision.

In several plenary meetings they discussed present and future topics of Positive Psychotherapy and of our Association.

On an excursion afternoon we visited the town of Rüdesheim at the Rhine river and enjoyed a typical local dinner at a well-known restaurant.


You do not want to miss our next International Trainer Seminar in Wiesbaden!

It will take place 17-20 August 2016.

Please save the date!


New Basic Course Training in Slovakia

For the first time a Basic Course Training of Positive Psychotherapy will take place in Slovakia in 2016.

The training will be offered by Basic Trainer Dr. Georg Franzen.

Please find details in this announcement sheet.


Participation in 1st EAC conference

WAPP Board member Kateryna Ovcharek from Ukraine participated in the 1st European Association of Councelling (EAC) conference in Valjevo/Petnica, Serbia, 22-24 May 2015, where she held a keynote lecture and a workshop on Positive Psychotherapy.


She handed a certificate of partnership to the president of the Serbian Association of Psychotherapy, Counselling and Coaching.


Possibilities of future cooperation with the EAC concerning trainings for counselors were discussed and will be intensified soon. We will keep you informed.



Advisory Council of Associations and Centers for Positive Psychotherapy (ACAC)


WAPP intents to establish an “Advisory Council of Associations and Centers” (ACAC), which will be an important new organ within our association.


There is a need for more contact to and among the Centers and National Associations of Positive Psychotherapy. We see a large treasure of knowledge and experience in your institutions, which could be shared and multiplied for the profit of all of us. At the same time, the Board would like to involve more members actively in the work of our Association.


In its January meeting, the Board decided to establish this Council, which will consist of representatives of each Center and Association that is officially recognized by WAPP.


  • Every Association may appoint two representatives to serve in the Council.
  • Every Center can appoint one representative.


These representatives should be familiar with the work of the Center or Association and the psychotherapy situation of his/her country, and should not be a member of the WAPP Board.


It is planned that the Council meets once a year directly before or after the International Trainer Seminar. The Council will have an advisory function to the Board of Directors. This means, the Council’s members will meet and discuss current issues defined either by themselves or by the WAPP Board and will report about these to the Board. The Council will give its advice and suggestions to the WAPP Board.

The Council will also have a networking function for its members. Issues concerning the work of Centers and Associations can be discussed among them directly. There will be an exchange of ideas and experience, preferably without interference of the WAPP Board, to which only reports will be given.


Please discuss this proposal within your Center or Association and send us the names of your representatives, if you haven’t yet. Please also send us a copy or scan of your Center or Association Agreement with WAPP. Only those Centers and Associations that have a current agreement with WAPP will be present in the Council. When you are not sure, if such an agreement exists, please contact us anytime.


A first meeting of the new Council will take place in the course of this year’s ITS in Wiesbaden.


Please send us the information (name and email-address) of your representative/s and your agreement with WAPP as soon as possible. Thank you!

We are looking forward to a very fruitful discourse with the Advisory Council of Associations and Centers and to many innovative ideas.


Achivements of Positive Psychotherapy in Ukraine

The President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, awarded the Order of Princess Olga to our colleague, the graduate of the Ukrainian Institute of Positive Psychotherapy (UIPP) of 2012, Positive Psychotherapist Tatyana Vatulova, for her outstanding merits related to her work and help to the citizens who suffered because of the war actions in Donetsk and Lugansk regions.


Congratulations from WAPP!


Main Meeting of WAPP Board of Directors

The WAPP Board of Directors meets twice a year for a main (two days) and a smaller meeting (3 to 4 hours). The main meeting usually takes place in Wiesbaden in January and the second meeting in the course of an International Trainer Seminar or Congress in the summer or autumn.



The last meeting was held on January 18th and 19th 2016 in Wiesbaden.

Many topics concerning our trainings, certifications, publications, scientifc studies and future gatherings were consulted about.


In our next WAPP Newsletter we will inform you about their main decisions.



6th World Congress of Positve Psychotherapy 2014

The 6th World Congress for Positive Psychotherapy, 17-22 November 2014, in Kemer/Antalya, Turkey, was a big success!

We wish to thank all participants, lecturers, organizers and guests! You were the ones who made this congress such a vivid, spirited and scientific encounter. Thank you for the fruitful discourse!
The congress had been a success in any respect: scientifically, atmospheric and in organizational terms.
With about 200 partipicants from 27 countries and 101 contributions (keynotes, lectures, workshops, panel discussions), a beautiful hotel and beach, and a very special general program this congress provided the chance for everyone to participate and take home with them a refreshed spirit and knowledge of Positive Psychotherapy.

Our special thanks go to our honored guests Prof. Shridhar Sharma, Dr. Dieter Schön, and Dr. Tayyab Rashid with family.

Thank you all, and hope to see you again at our next World Congress!


The next World Congress will be held in 2017, most likely in Turkey again - We will keep you informed.


For more pictures and impressions of the congress please visit us on facebook!



New Publication

Dr. Maxim Goncharov's book "Conflict Operationalization in Positive Psychotherapy" has been published and is available now in Russian and English language.

ISBN 978-5-9905455-1-9


For more information please contact the author or the WAPP head office.

Peseschkian Foundation

Glossary of Positive Psychotherapy

A gap has been filled: finally, there is a glossary of Positive Psychotherapy.


The Peseschkian Foundation is happy to announce that the Glossary of Positive Psychotherapy has been translated to several languages now. It is available in Bulgarian, Czeck, Dutch, Farsi, Georgian, German, Latvian, Spanish, and Turkish.

Read more.

If you are interested in translating the Glossary into your mother tongue, please contact the Peseschkian Foundation.

Positive Psychotherapy in Psychosomatic Medicine

Now available in English:


The Peseschkian Foundation has just released

Positive Psychotherapy in Psychosomatic Medicine by Nossrat Peseschkian (1933-2010).

The book can be ordered directly from Peseschkian Foundation for 10 EUR plus shipping costs (7 EUR).


7th World Congress for Positive Psychotherapy

The WAPP Board of Directors is happy to announce that the 7th World Congress for Positive Psychotherapy will take place


23-28 October 2017 in Turkey.


The main theme will be:

“Transcultural Psychotherapy and Counselling: Principles, Concepts, Applications”


More information will be available soon. We will keep you informed.


We are expecting some 300 persons from different countries to this unique event.


We would be happy, if you would like to present your topic or prepare a study or special research referring to the transcultural aspects of Positive Psychotherapy and Transcultural Psychotherapy in general. All other Positive Psychotherapy topics are, of course, welcome.


We are very much looking forward to this very special event and to welcoming all of you there!


WCP World Congress of Psychotherapy


WCP and EAP announce the



World Congress in Paris, France "La vie et l'amour au 21°siècle" - "Life and Love in the 21st century", 24 - 28 July 2017    


in Cooperation with UNESCO, FFdP, Minkoswka Institut, Paris


Topic: Life and Love in the 21st Century

When: 24th to 28th of July 2017

Where: UNESCO in Paris

Congress languages: English, French, Russian, Spanish, German, Chinese

Areas of interest: please click here


Direct link

Information for Details: Tamara Trebes, headofficeatworldpsyche.org


Congress Calendar of the World Council for Psychotherapy

New updated Congress Calendar of the World Council for Psychotherapy showing in which regions in the world Psychotherapy Congresses will be held within the years to come. You will find the regularly updated Congress Calendar both on the websites of the World Council for Psychotherapy (WCP) www.worldpsyche.org and our EAP website www.europsyche.org too.




Newsletter of the Peseschkian Foundation

The latest newsletter of the International Academy of Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy (IAPP)-Peseschkian Foundation- about the "Mental Health Project" in Ethiopia has been published now.


Here you may find more information about the work of the organization "Fresh and Green", which is supported by the Peseschkian Foundation.

If you would like to support this project, too, here is the Foundation's donation form.

World Scientific-Practical Journal "Psychotherapy"

The World Scientific-Practical Journal "Psychotherapy", that has been published by the editorial of professor Alfred Pritz and professor Victor Makarov for eight years, now is newly represented in the Internet.


You will find the electronic version on its new website http://world-psychotherapy.com/


They gladly welcome your submissions. And we would also very much appreciate you handing in your articles on Positive Psychotherapy to increase the number of our publications worldwide. Thank you!

International Journal of Positive Psychotherapy and Research

We wish to draw your attention to the International Journal of Positive Psychotherapy and Research. The first issue was published in March 2011 and can be found here.

If you wish to contribute to the second issue, please hand in your articles. Please send them to the WAPP Headoffice.

The guidelines for authors give you an overview on length, format, language and other information, which could be helpful for you and your articles.


Thank you for your contribution!

IFP Newsletter

The latest newsletter of the International Federation for Psychotherapy IFP is available now.


The board of the International Federation for Psychotherapy would very much appreciate if you would spread the following information to all members of your society.
• Many members do not know that they are automatically IFP members, please provide them with this information and the link to the website of the IFP: www.ifp.name/
• All individual members of your association have access to Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics at a reduced rate.
• Please forward the recently sent newsletter of the IFP to all your members.
• Starting the last issue of the newsletter we provide titles of recent papers relevant for psychotherapy, including a number of papers in jounals which have open access c.q. can be freely downloaded by each of your individual member.

Last but not least, the next World Congress of Psychotherapy will be held in 2018.

International Journal of Psychotherapy (IJP)

Click here for the official website of the International Journal of Psychotherapy:




World Certificate for Psychotherapy (WCPC)

Opportunity to receive the World Certificate for Psychotherapy:


The procedure for the application is as follows:


The World Certificate for Psychotherapy will be awarded to all psychotherapists who have a psychotherapeutic training according to WCP standards. The WCP standards fully correspond to the ECP standards – which means that every ECP holder can apply for the WCPC without any problems. The WCPC will be awarded from 2007 on.


If you think that you fulfill the criteria for the certificate, please write an e-mail to headofficeatworlspsyche.org and inform them that you are interested in the award of the WCPC. If you are an ECP holder in good standing the only additional thing you need to do to get the WCPC is to transfer the fee for the award. The fee is Euro 364,-- (€ 350 WCPC + € 14 shipping) and has to be paid free of any charges for the WCP.


More details you will also find here.