Welcome to the World of Positive Psychotherapy

Objectives of WAPP


The shared objective of all institutions on Positive Psychotherapy is to promote the physical, mental, social and spiritual health of individuals, families and groups and the mutual understanding and tolerance between different cultures.


On the world level, there is the World Association of Positive Psychotherapy (WAPP, formerly ICPP), functioning as an umbrella organization and coordinating headquarters for all centers of Positive Psychotherapy worldwide.


Furthermore there is the International Academy for Positive and Transcultural PsychotherapyPeseschkian Foundation (IAPP) on the world level, too. IAPP promotes international training and projects on or inspired by Positive Psychotherapy. On the national level, there are country-wide associations and local centers in more than 20 countries.


On the national level we have many centers and associations for Positive Psychotherapy around the world. The WAPP concludes an agreement with every national center or association in order to keep the quality of teaching and training on the level of the WAPP. Here you find a sample for an agreement. If you want to develop a center or association in your country or city, please contact the Headoffice for further information under wappatpositum.org.