Welcome to the World of Positive Psychotherapy

How to become a member of WAPP


A new structure was given to WAPP in Istanbul in order to be well prepared for all future challenges. A better organization will serve WAPP as the most important association around the world in the name of Positive Psychotherapy. Therefore, we started to gather our members officially within different forms of membership (please see below). It is an important step to make  WAPP a strong voice in the psychotherapeutic world.


The following memberships are possible:



The current membership fees are as follows:


  • Full membership: 25 Euro per year, or 60 Euro for 3 years in advance
  • Supportive membership: 10 Euro per year
  • National Trainer for Basic Courses: 50 Euro per year
  • National Trainer for Master Courses: 75 Euro per year
  • International Trainer for Basic Courses: 100 Euro per year
  • International Trainer for Master Courses: 150 Euro per year

  • Institutional memberships:
    - Centers: First 3 years 50 Euro, after third year 100 Euro
    - Associations: First 3 years 100 Euro, after third year 150 Euro



Please send your application via Fax (+49 611 39990) or Email (wappatpositum.org) to the WAPP Headoffice in Wiesbaden, Germany.


For members in Germany it is now possible to transfer the membership fees by direct debit (Bankeinzug). If you are a German member and want to use the direct debit system, please use the form for the direct debit mandate (Einzugsermächtigung). Thank you!