Welcome to the World of Positive Psychotherapy

International Training Program


The WAPP promotes the theory, method and practice of Positive Psychotherapy. It is engaged in the training of postgraduate professionals in psychotherapy, family therapy and counseling in different countries. In addition, the WAPP organizes workshops, lectures, conferences and seminars pertaining to the different aspects of PP as well as cross-cultural exchange of theories, techniques and research.


In January 2014 the WAPP Board of Directors released the revised Training Standards which are valid for all countries. There will be for sure some interim arrangements for people who already started their training under other conditions. Please contact the WAPP Headoffice if you have any questions about your qualifications or if you plan to participate in a training seminar (wappatpositum.org).


If you wish to offer trainings in your country, WAPP will be happy to assist you in organizational terms in conducting courses or in establishing an official training center for Positive Psychotherapy in your town. Information for organizers has been compiled as an overview to give you a first impression on how to proceed. For further questions please contact the Headoffice (wappatpositum.org).